Health Leads Multi-Mineral Komplex 510 mg x 90 Kapseln

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Hochdosiert und sorgfältig balancierte Formel aus essentiellen Mineralien

More Information
Description Health Leads Multi-Mineral Complex contains a balanced range of essential minerals and is 100% additive free — no fillers or bulking agents are used, only 100% active ingredients and, as with all Health Leads supplements, they do not contain magnesium stearate. While most multi-mineral formulas have very low nutrient weights, Health Leads have formulated a high strength supplement ● Minerals are necessary to maintain normal bones and teeth ● To regulate the electrolyte balance ● Contributes to a normal energyconversion ● Necessary for a normal acid-base balance ● Minerals contribute to a normal function of the nervous system and muscle function ● Contributes to reducing fatigue and exhaustion
Content Kapselhülle pflanzlichen Ursprungs und  Maltodextrin. 
Usage 1-2 capsules per day.
Guarantee 100% additive free. This product contains no magnesium Stearat, anti-frictional agents, binders, disintegrants, fillers, Yeast, Gluten, Starch, Lactose, Artificial Sweeteners, Flavours, Added Salt, Added Sugar, Colours and Preservatives.
Warning If you have a medical condition, are taking medication, are pregnant or nursing, always seek advice from a qualified health care professional before taking any food supplement.
Storage Store cool and dry.
Manufacturer Health Leads (United Kingdom).
Nutrition Facts
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