Metabolics Super zinc liquid 100 ml

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Description This liquid supplement is a blend of zinc sulphate and zinc chloride. Zinc sulphate and zinc chloride are highly soluble forms that have good bioavailability. The recommended daily intake of zinc is 10 mg. This supplement provides 8.03 mg elemental zinc in each dose of 10 drops. Zinc contributes to normal immune function and protects cells against oxidative stress ●Takes part in cell division ● Necessary for acid-base metabolism ● Necessary for maintaining skin, hair and nail structures ● Contributes to maintaining normal vision ● Zinc has importance for vitamin A metabolism
Content Citric acid and purified Water.
Usage 10 drops per day with water, taken with food.
Guarantee This product contains no magnesium Stearat, anti-frictional agents, binders, disintegrants, fillers, Yeast, Gluten, Starch, Soy, Milk, Wheat, Nuts, Gelatine, Fish, Casein, Lactose, Artificial Sweeteners, Flavours, added Salt, Added Sugar and Colours.
Warning If you have a medical condition, are taking medication, are pregnant or nursing, always seek advice from a qualified health care professional before taking any food supplement.
Storage Store in a refrigerator out of the reach and sight of children.
Manufacturer Metabolics (United Kingdom).
Nutrition Facts
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