There are a number of natural antifungals that you can add into your diet or take in supplement form. These work by breaking down the cell walls of the Candida yeast, and are an important part of your diet and fight aganst Candida. You should begin taking your antifungals soon after you start the strict diet or when you feel ready for it. Start slowly with low doses of antifungals. A large dose could kill too much of the Candida yeast too quickly, resulting in a severe Die-off reactions and stress on your body. For the same reason, try to leave at least a few days between starting different antifungals.

The antifungals have to be rotated to address the pleomorphic nature of fungi. Pleomorphism is a phenomenon wherein an organism can change forms in order to survive. Fungi can change to its many forms but does not stay in the new form; it can switch back and forth to its original form. Therefore when treating Candidiasis, one has to use various types of anti-fungals. You can rotate every month or so, and don’t be afraid to try a few different antifungals. Alternatively you can rotate between 4-5 antifungals, where you take one of them every day in a 4-5 days cyclus. Another good tip is to take several antifungals at the same time. Candida can adapt to a single antifungal over time, so by doing this you can ensure that the antifungals lose none of their effectiveness. As a start you can for instance rotate between 4 great antifungals like caprylic acid, oregano oil, garlic and grapefruit seed extract.

In the beginning, to avoid too severe Die-off reactions leave some days or weeks between the introduction of them in your diet. If you together with antifungals introduce probiotics to improve your bowel function and digestion, the effect can be particularly good and thus will the die-off reactions also be harder. As Candidapatient you must move slow forward when you introduce new supplements or foods. Antifungals kill the Candida yeast, then the probiotics help replenishing your gut with good bacteria and prevent the Candida from overgrowing again. You can get the most benefit from your antifungals and probiotics by taking them as far apart during the day as possible. For example try to leave at least 3 hours between your probiotic dose and your antifungal dose.

It varies from person to person how one respond on antifungals and probiotics. If you feel that a particular combination of antifungals works for you, then use this and the opposite if you feel that a particular combination does not work or your condition directly worsens, for instance because of a allergenic reaction. We have in our store the most effective natural antifungals with the highest concentrations of active ingredients. We have carefully selected those with the fewest allergenic substances. In general, supplements cause a variety of side effects such as diarrhea, nausea, gastrointestinal complaints, etc. In addition, pregnant and brestfeeding women are advised not to take some certain supplements. If you are in doubt in any way, always consult your doctor.    

Antifungal foods

- Coconut oil

- Olive- and saffloweroil

- Garlic

- Onions


Antifungal supplements

- Caprylic acid

- Grapefruit Seed Extract

- Oregano Oil

- Garlic supplements

- Pau d’Arco

- Candida Clear

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