Immune system

Your immune system is closely related to your systemic Candida infestation. The outbreak itself of the Candida infection is often caused by an immune weakness or a defect in your immunesystem, making the body no longer able to keep the fungus under control in your gut. If you have an untreated systemic fungal infection, your immune system will suffer a massive overload and may very well now be the main cause to the immune weakening no mather if the initial immune weakening is cured or not. The resulting sideeffects of this overload is a wide range of infections, viruses, allergies (Leaky Gut Syndrome) etc. The systemic fungal infection will cover large parts of the gastrointestinal tract. Hereby the digestion of food in the gut will be less effective and thus the uptake of nutrients from the gut will also be reduced. Nutrient deficiency diseases will normally occur. Due to the massive overload on the immunesystem caused by the Candidafungus, the body's need for extra antioxidants will be increased.

If you are in treatment and on the Candidadiet, the fungus will slowly come under control and gradually withdraw. At the same time your immune system will slowly get stronger. A stronger immune system will with greater power be able to fight the systemic fungal infection. As a Candidapatient its essential to do everything you possibly can to boost your immune system and avoid the foods and lifestyle factors that weakens it. 

Of course, you boost your immune system by weakening the fungus through a carbohydrate poor diet and by the use of antifungals. But there are some other things you can do to boost your immune system. These include:

· Eat immune-boosting foods

· Eat vitamin- and mineralsupplements

· Eat other immune-boosting supplements and herbs


In addition to these elements you should change your lifestyle in order to avoid extra pressure on your adrenal glands and immune systeme. Reduce all kinds of stress, emotional as well as physical. Get a good sleep and do some light exercise - a strenuous workout will place your body under stress and weaken your adrenals further.

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