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We, on, have been through this diseaseprocess and based on our experience we would like to help you, who the established system have not succeeded to help. Luckily there is really a lot you can do to get your life back. We on Candidapatient offer you an alternative approach to the disease.

On we offer the most effective dietary advice, that you will find on the market, because we have experienced the disease ourselves. We offer the most effective, natural antifungals and immune boosting products available on the market. Products that have been specially developed for hypersensitive patients and Candidapatients. We focus on products products without additives and fillers to avoid negative reactions. We also offer a food range designed for Candidapatients, food in the highest quality that will ensure that you are not going to suffer from nutrient deficiency.Our products come from Europe and America and have been approved from the respective athorities. Our warehouse is located in Germany and from here we supply our customers with products to the rest of Europe. Candidapatient is a subsidiary of the company PureWelt, and PureWelt sells pure, non-allergen products to customers across Europe. For more information about PureWelt, go to

All products in our netshop, we have tested on ourselved and afterwards approved as being suitable for Candidapatients. This saves you time and resources on testing them. We can not promise that you will be 100% cured, but we can promise that you will get a better life if you follow the Candida treatment plan.


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