Take supplements


In normally functioning people a healthy and balanced diet is enough to cover the nutrient needs. For Candidapatients its different and here supplements is a great help for many patients. Supplements have a variety of purposes for Candidapatients:

  • 1) Coverage of nutrient needs (vitamins and minerals, herbs etc.)
  • 2) Candidakilling (oregano extract, grapefruit extract etc.)
  • 3) Immune-boosting (vitamines, minerales, herbal remedies etc.)
  • 4) Improve bowel function (probiotics, Psyllium etc.)
  • 5) Relieve Die-Off symptoms (milk thistle, molybdenum etc.) 

We have in our nethsop a number of supplements within each of these categories. Some of the products are pure synthetic, while others are natural products or extracts of these. One should generally be cautious and critical when using supplements. They often damage more than they do good and they often contain allergens. Fortunately, we have tested them for you and they are now available in our netshop. Candidapatients often respond differently to foods and products that enter the body, so there is always a risk of allergenic reactions even if the products have been tested on other patients that tolerate them. It is recommended that you consult your doctor or practitioner before you start with supplements. A far more detailed descriptions of the different supplements and foods that can help Candidapatients is found under the ”Candida treatment” section.

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