Diet changes


A change in your diet is the most important factor in your fight against a systemic fungal infection. The Candidadiet is put together from severel different priorities: 

The diet is Candidastarving (low in sugar and rich in fiber, protein and fat)

The diet contains antifungal food (for instance onions and antifungal oils)

The diet contains no allergenic foods (for instance gluten- and dairy products, yeast, additives, etc.)

The diet is immune boosting (the most nutritious and healthy foods are included in the diet to boost your immune system)

  The diet must provide optimal bowel function (optimal bowel function ensures a higher absorption of nutrients)

  The diet should be rotated (rotation prevents new allergies from developing and secures a varied diet with many different nutrients)

Based on this diet, you get the optimal conditions to overcome your Candida infection. The Candidadiet is testet and composed by Candidapatients, so you don’t have to test the foods and products yourself. For most patients it will feel like a very hard change from their previous diet, and many have difficulty accepting it fully. But you will be rewarded in the form of better health and you will get a completely new and positive outlook on healthy diet and lifestyle. For a much more detailed description of the Candidadiet see the Candidadiet section.

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