Timeframe for healing


Systemic Candida infection is a disease that is difficult to treat, both medical and alternative. On Candidapatient.com we have an alternative approach to the treatment, because we already have tried the medical treatment without significant effects. The alternative treatment has shown significantly better efficiency on us. The alternative treatment is a combination of four different elements:

1) A change in diet

2) A change in lifestyle

3) Boosting the immune system

4) Use of dietary supplements

If you stick fully to this treatmentplan there will with 100% certainty be a positive effect on all patients. This does not mean that all patients will be cured, but all patients will find that they get significantly better if they follow the treatment on candidapatient.com.

The time frame for heling depends on the individual. It depends on how long you have had the disease without treatment, how the fungus has spread its roots in your body and how diligent and hard you are when you follow the Candidadiet and lifestyle. Early diagnosis increases the chance of success. At late diagnoses, you will typically have fed the fungus for years, so its rootsystem in the body is large and vigorous. For these patients, the situation is obviously more severe and treatment will take much longer.
The diet is the most important factor in getting better, so if you are very persistent here, the heling will go faster. The spreading of the fungus in the body, depends on how much sugar it gets to grow on. A complete starvation of the fungus by removing all easy digestible carbohydrates from the diet is a difficult and a long process. Therefore, also concentrate on other parameters such as a strong immune system, Candidakilling products and optimal bowel function. Its this combination that creates an effective treatment.
Generally, withdrawal of the Candidafungus is a very slow proces. Some patients recover fully after having been on the Candidadiet. Others get much better and can live a more normal life within the limits of the Candidadiet and lifestyle. In both cases, however, the actual process can take both months, years and sometimes even decades. Just to getting the nutrient needs covered can be the goal for some patients after many years with nutrient deficiency diseases. Just getting the nutrient needs covered will for many patients mean that they start feeling significantly better and have more energy even though they are not cured from systemic Candida.

So its important to start your Candida treatment plan with realistic expectations, if you do so then you’ll also be much more likely to follow the plan through to the end. Don’t be afraid of a little trial and error either. For example, if you think you quit the strict diet too early and some of your symptoms have returned, just go back to the foods that were working for you and stick it out a little longer. Patience is a keyword when it comes to beating your Candida overgrowth. Many patients will be affected by the disease for the rest of their lives, and will also have to live within the limits of the diet and lifestyle for the rest of their lives. Most patients happily accept this, once they have noticed what the Candidadiet do for their health. Although not everyone will be completely cured, everyone will with guarantee get significantly better when they follow the treatmentplan. Everyone will get more energy and be able to return to a more normal life. So get started with the treatment and start feeling better. Good luck.

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