Candida specific symptoms

Many of the symptoms are a result of the weak immune system, that the systemic Candida infection leads to. But there are also a variety of symptoms that are specific for the systemic Candidas presence. Some patients have them all while others only have a few. It depends on how the disease has developed in the individual patient and how developed your heling is:

1) Die-Off effects: occurs when the fungus withdraw from areas it has invaded. This could be in the stomach, bowel, anal opening and legs, where the withdrawal will be felt as a tingling/itching, buzzing feeling. In the stomach and intestines it feels like a stinging, painful feeling where the surface is tightening because the fungus is shrinking. Anal itching as a result of fungal withdrawal here is very common. Toxines (especially acetaldehyde) leads to poor mental performance and massive fatigue

2) Adrenal fatigue: causes extreme fatigue as a consequence of the Leaky Gut Syndrome, the many toxins in the blood that the liver can not manage to convert, the inner ulceration (when roots withdraw at Die-Off) and the weakened immune system.

3) Leaky Gut Syndrome: that is hypersensitivity to many different kinds of food and products as a result of the Leaky Gut Syndrome (permabel bowel wall) and weak immunesystem.

4) The fungus can be seen visually: In certain situations, fungus roots can be seen on the skin surface, which is a very reliable indicator. This may be the case along the cheeks inside the mouth, on the skin surface, etc. When the roots withdraw from these areas small punctate wounds will occur. Often are small local fungal infections seen in the, hair, mouth etc in connection with systemic fungal infections and weakened immune system, but there is not necessarily a connection from these to a systemic fungal infection.  A very characteristic  smell of fungus from the hand and feet soles may occur, which is a sure indicator.

5) Fungi in the membranes of the eye. Leads to sensitivity to light (especially sunlight) and very irritable bloodshot eyes.

6) Nutrient deficiency: Nutrient Deficiency occurs because the gastrointestinal tract is covered with fungi so the nutrient uptake is reduced and because of digestive malfunctioning. Lack of particular B vitamins (especially B2, B5, biotin and B12), iron, zinc and iodine. Iodine deficiency is very rare, but is often seen in Candidapatients and can lead to hypothyroidism.

Symptoms will be particularly clear when it’s an untreated systemic Candida infection. If you are in treatment and eat according to the Candidadiet, the symptoms will be gradually weaker while your heling is progressing and thus also more difficult to identify.

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