Systemic Candida may result in a wide variety of symptoms. There are a number of specific symptoms of Candida, that are important in the diagnosis of the disease (see "Candida specific symptoms" section). In addition there are many general symptoms of a systemic candida infection and that’s one of the reasons why this disease is so difficult to diagnose. It can be very difficult to see the connection between all these symptoms and very few doctors are able to do so and therefore many patients experience that they are being rejected, that they misdiagnosed or that they only get a treatment aimed at one of the many symptoms . The general symptoms are for instance an overloaded immune system and the many complications arising from it, gastrointestinal discomfort, headaches and a variety of diseases caused by nutrient deficiency. Under "Symptom overview" you will find the many of the symptoms that may occur at a systemic Candidainfection and under "Specific symptoms" you will find the most characteristic symptoms of Candida that can be used in the diagnosis of the disease.

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