Candidapatient is the website about chronic fungal infections including Candidainfections. The webite is primarily for patients with fungalinfections. In addition, it can be used by relatives, therapists and in generally people with an interest in the field.

On the website there is information about the disease, sales of products designed to the patientgroup, courses for patients and many other things. In addition the website can be used to get in touch with like-minded people in the field through our social medias. There will be an ongoing development of the website with new approaches, new products and new productcategories, all to the benefits for this patient group. To see our complete selection of pure allergyfree products, go to  PureWelt 

Although everyday life as a patient may seem hopeless and there is only limited help to get from the established treatmentsystem, there is fortunately a lot you can do yourself to get better. It will imply great safrications from your site, but will in exchange be the start of a new, healthier and better life for you. So let's fight this disease together, so you can regain the control of your life.

Best regards Torben Soe

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